Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baby's stroll at the zoo (pitch) by Mark Sperber

here are the 4 panels i came up with for my pitch, hope u enjoy! MaRk


Mark Mayerson said...

Hey Mark, do you know that there's a Popeye cartoon that's similar to this? Swee Pea gets loose in the zoo and Popeye has to fight the animals to stop Swee Pea from getting hurt. I think it's called Little Swee Pea (1936), but I don't have my reference books handy.

I'm a little confused about the teddy bear. You either need the kid to throw the toy bear out of the stroller and then try to recover it or you need the kid to go after the polar cub and the zoo keeper just picks up the cub with the kid and doesn't realize what he's done until he puts both in the stroller and sees the toy bear already there.

There's good comic potential here for narrow escapes and a panicked zoo keeper. I don't know if you need the mother. Maybe the guy isn't the keeper but is the Dad taking the kid to the zoo. Or maybe the mom is the character trying to rescue the child. It's simpler without two adults. Also, if the adult is a parent, there's a stronger emotional connection to saving the kid and more jeopardy for the adult who is no expert on animals.

The emotions here are big but shallow. Good for comedy. I don't think there's anything profound or subtle here, but that's okay if this is the type of film you want to do. There's definitely potential here for broad, comic acting.

LeMark said...

thx for the comment, i didnt know about the popeye episode, didnt kno at all!
the zoo keeper grabs the kid from the polar bear cage after that the kid took the teddy bear, so the zookeeper gives back to the mom both the kid and the real cub(there was a surprise swap), thx again for the comment, the idea to change the zookeeper into a parent makes it alot easier better too, thx !

Naz said...

I was thinking, it would be fun if the parent was the dad who is really sleepy and tired and frantic at the end. (Even if the zoo keeper is the one chasing the kid) the end will be the father ecstatic in having his baby back, and the polar bear in search of his cub.