Thursday, May 31, 2007

Raccoon Trouble (Pitch) by Jinny Liang

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Mark Mayerson said...

Hi Jenny. You've got the raccoons not letting the guy sleep, but if he's tired, does he have enough energy to fight with them? Maybe you should make him a neat freak and make the raccoons slobs, like The Odd Couple.

If you do that, you can have the resolution at the end be that the guy tolerates the raccoons because they pick up after themselves.

Or maybe the guy can't sleep and the guy tries to get rid of the raccoons, but he realizes that they're neater than he is and so by letting them stay his house is actually cleaner.

It all depends on the personalities you want to give to the characters. Who your characters are will determine how your plot goes forward. It's also going to define what types of gags you end up using, whether they're built on sloppiness or noise, for instance.