Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lobby Concept 02

EDIT: Just posted revised layout 2nd 3/4. Revised the layout based on Ken's detailed input from tonight. I've gotta wake up early tomorrow for work, so I'll see how far I can get with the other layouts in the evening tomorrow.

Colour Scheme

Again let me know what to mix and match. I personally find that the wall design is too similar to the lobby in Jack's design. That's why I didn't colour the bottom and the top part of the wall 2 separate colours.

Monday, July 30, 2007

The roughs of the other 3/4 view of the lobby. I modified the floorplan a bit from the previous and included another couch and more plants. I figured it might look more aesthetically pleasing, as the original design was more bare on the floor space. But let me know what you guys think. I'll update the first 3/4 view if you guys like the 2nd design variation better.

As well this is the front view of the elevator.

Let me know what you guys think. I'll finalize the designs based on your input tomorrow.

Lobby Concept 01

Worked off of Ken's rough. Not sure if my lines are thin enough (what do you use Ken?). I tried to freehand the straight lines to get a similar kind of line that I noticed in Ken and Dalmation's layouts, but doesn't seem to be working. So for the 1pt perspective view of the elevator lobby and the other 3/4 view I'll work with the ruler to improve the line quality. I'll post up roughs tonight to get some feedback before jumping to the final.

old lady

here is what i had time to do this week, enjoy

Ken's Kitchen Concepts

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Different Colour Ideas

These are some versions of the colour I did on my layout. Let me know if you guys think I should mix and match some the colours in these layout with the one I painted for Ken's.

Layout by Ken / Colour by Behram

The darker one has a shade of blue on top and has a different tablecloth. The brighter one doesn't have the shade and has a checkered tablecloth. Let me know what to fix people.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kitchen and Elevator concept

Above: Kitchen scene from Mark's board. Getting the idea of the line quality.

Below: this is the elevator shot which I did pure digitally and 2 weeks ago. This was to get a feel for the colour and elevator look. The line quality is obviously not the same cause it's too smooth. Critize the colour and whether or not the elevator should be monotone.

Monday, July 23, 2007

leica reel final

here is the final version of the leica reel,enjoy

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Changes on the REEL

Some notes from the meeting today with the mentors:

1) Behram Section 1:

a) Shirt half way on his face. Collar at his eye level. If button flies off, eyes stay shut. Button flies off, no facial reaction from Sam yet. Redraw button sequence.

b) Cut back to Sam: Embarrassed “oops” look, sorry look once receiving the button.

c) Everyone walking out of the elevator, she is still (waiting). She looks to the left, hoping. Then she leaves. Sam falls.

2) Mark Section 1:

a) Dip to black between night and day when showing the clock and time change.

b) Mirror shot, get rid of. Too much work. Have the camera looking from his front or inside the mirror.

3) Mark Section 2:

a) Girl saying hi after Sam notices her. Change placement to the centre.

b) Sam must have a (finally I did it) close up shot of happiness/joy to emphasize his achievement after she received the flowers.

Kitchen & Bedroom Layout

Ken's Latest Design Concepts...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

chronic ride the second leicareel

ok i finally was able to cut it under 3:00 minutes, enjoy

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

style guidelines

here are some suggestions to try to achieve that 101 dalmatian look.

make HARD edges, "crisp and clean" edges and lines.
obviously these are not final and it still can be changed as we see fit when we get closer
and closer to the layout stage. contribute/add things that you like/dislike.
thats all from me for now, be back soon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Notes from Monday Meeting

Notes from Mark and Peter

“Don’t bore the audience” – Do not linger and bore the audience, they get it quick
Faster shots all around

• Pants fall down, he looks down

• The good trip down, when he is on time- no panic

• No pan when she doesn’t show up

• Shirt with button sequence, cut the middle flying button- Introduce the girl
only when the buttons hit her head – that’s when we see her

• Elevator open faster when we meet the girl (all film as well) We want to meet
the girl, lets meet the girl

• Don’t cut back to him after then her again, just cut to her face (no pan up)

• Looking down, hands reach the pants, and then he looks ahead at her.

• Fade in/Fade out to the next day (after the elevator closes) While the doors
are closing

• Next day, opening shot, his eyes opening and closing horizontally, slowly
looking at the clock

• Milk glass needs more read time

• Shorten the sequence here

• Set the alarm-speed this up-get the clock and change it. Kid holding clock and then clock arrows shift

• Show him get up at 7:00 clock

• Fade when he walks by

• After fluffing, get rid of panic till Alma’s floor- Right to the end,

• Hits seventh, no cut to his face, woman in, then register his emotions.

• Looks out the door, look out cut. Too long of him looking sad, medium/long shot only pick one reaction shot

• Cut the truck to him

• Hands the flowers, close shots of faces gone. Either close up of faces, or flowers being received

• Shy smile, nervous reaction from girl too, first time she is obvious about her emotions

• Boy, must react to her presence, then present the flowers. Cant believe it, then smiles

• Emotional reaction time in him needs to be more of a focus

LeMark's Notes:

Beginning: Turns off alarm (7:30), falls back to sleep. Then wakes up later (7:55) and its panic mode

2nd attempt: Eyes opening: Clock on the table its already (7:55)- Directly panic mode


Ask about beats/minute. Change to frames using the metronome. Slowing the tempo in the good morning. She is not there, panic time
8 Beats-12 beats (slower)-24 beats (even more slow)

Monday, July 9, 2007

production design sheets

any comments/suggestions
more to come before Thursday.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sam's bedroom design

First pass on Sam's room with colours. I'll post up edits based on the critiques and suggestions from today's (Tuesday) by next week's meeting. You can probably see the actual colours a bit better from your computer monitors (it was really faded from the laptop at today's meeting).

Monday, July 2, 2007

Main Characters: Sam & Alma

Here are the two main characters very close to final form. I have changed Alma quite a bit from the original concept. I kept the Heart face, features low, changed the dress and hair for a more exotic look. I think she looks better now. What to do you guys think? Sam's shoes, I will change and post up again. For now I will focus on the other characters and come back to these by the weekend.