Saturday, June 30, 2007

kitchen designs

umm, concept kitchen design. any suggestions on colour, layout, etc?
in terms of colour, maybe we need to discuss the colour of the char and obviously
that'll affect the outlook of the bg colouring.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Leica Reel for Chronic Ride

comments welcome, great work from mark, behram, and ken.
design team will have stuff up soon, suggestions?

mark: "props to our mentors."
behram: "thanks to our mentors, poses1~7 will be coming soon."
ken: "what is rat-a-too-ee about?"

Friday, June 15, 2007

thumbnail template


I put this page of storyboards since it's rough stage. Also nobody told which one we should be using

Revised Beat Script Jun 15-07

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Revised Group Story Beat Script

1) Sam wakes up
2) Sleepy Sam turns around to his alarm clock
3) Sam realizes is late and starts to panic
4) Rushes out of his bed to get prepared
5) Runs into the bathroom dressed in pjs
6) Runs out in his underwear
7) Snags some cloths that were on a chair
8) Sam grabs his over sized bag on the way out of his room
9) Sam runs by the kitchen
10) Sam grabs a piece of toast that pops out of the toaster (really meant for his mom in the kitchen)
11) With toast in his mouth, Sam rushes into the elevator just in time after someone else
12) Elevator door closes
13) As the elevator is going down, Sam is putting on his pants
14) Looks at the floors fast reaching the 7th
15) Panics more, lets go of his pants and tries to put on his shirt
16) Looks at the levels, he has almost reached Alma floor
17) Tries to fix up his pants that keep falling down
18) Tries to put on his shirt
19) Sam’s pants are half fallen just as he looks at the levels and reaches the seventh floor
20) Elevator doors open, he pulls up his pants
21) Alma gets into the elevator as we see Sam in an awkward pose
22) Sam is frozen and in aw of her
23) Alma walks in toward him (innocent, to her self, little shy)
24) Sam blushes
25) She turns around
26) Sam slowly starts zipping up his pants
27) Elevator doors shut
28) The next day, Sam wakes up
29) Turns toward his alarm clock and realizes once again he is late
30) Sam bounces off his bed and runs while grabbing on to his stuff
31) Runs into the kitchen
32) Past his dad reading his newspaper
33) Grabs his milk from the counter all ready setup for him
34) Exits the screen and throws the milk back and his dad catches it in mid air behind the newspaper
35) Just makes it into the elevator after someone else
36) Puts on his shoes right away
37) Watches the elevator levels get closer to 7th
38) Struggling, gets his shoes past his pant legs and zips up
39) As Sam reaches her level, he tries to put on his shirt that he has buttoned up already
40) Stuck at the collar, Alma walks in
41) Sam’s buttons pop off, and he gets his head through
42) Standing awkwardly, he catches her looking
43) Alma smiles and turns around
44) Sam looks over his shirt frustrated
45) The elevator doors shut
46) Chime rings, the elevator doors open
47) He is in an awkward position 1
48) Alma gets in and turns toward the camera and smiles and giggles in reaction
49) The elevator doors shut
50) Chime rings, the elevator doors open
51) Sam is in an awkward position 2
52) Cut to black
53) Sam is in an awkward position 3
54) Cut to black
55) Sam is in an awkward position 4
56) Cut to black
57) Sam is in awkward position 5
58) Cut to black
59) Sam is in awkward position 6
60) Cut to black
61) Sam is in awkward position 7
62) Cut to black
63) Sam is in awkward position 8
64) Cut to black
65) Sam is in awkward position 9
66) Cut to black
67) Sam is in awkward position 10- His shoes are untied and maybe he put both legs in one leg pant
68) Alma walks in
69) Dip to black
70) The elevator goes down to Ground floor
71) Chime, door opens
72) Alma walks out slowly, crowd around her walking fast
73) Alma turns around to take a glance at Sam and looks back again
74) Alma seems disappointed
75) Sam struggles to leave the elevator due to his loose pants and untied shoes
76) Trips and falls down in the elevator reaching out for Alma
77) Sam shows his disappointment.
78) Cut to Sam’s room (evening time, indicated by interior lights).
79) Sam is posting up his master plan to his wall.
80) Looks over his plan.
81) Looks at his alarm just under it making noise
82) Looks over his plan
83) Looks at his alarm, getting more frustrated
84) Looks over his plan
85) Looks at his alarm even more
86) Takes a moment and finally clues in to the problem (having to set his alarm earlier)
87) Sets it at an earlier time – 7 30 to 7 am
88) Cut to the next day, he is finishing up making his bed
89) Sam’s dad is fixing his tie, pans to Sam fixing up his shirt and finishing using the mirror
90) Sam is sitting on a stool beside the counter eating his pancakes while his dad is reading his newspaper again
91) Sam finishes his milk
92) Grabs the flowers from the counter and leaves
93) Pans to time, the same as usual
94) Sam presses the elevator button
95) The person that was always first shows up after him
96) The elevator opens and they get in
97) On his way down in the elevator, Sam is happy and proud of himself
98) Sam checks out his breath, fluffs up the flowers
99) As Sam gets closer to her floor, he starts to sweat and get uncomfortable
100) Sam is getting more and more nervous and excited
101) The elevator gets to the 7th floor, and the chime rings
102) The elevator dips down a little and slowly opens
103) Holding his breath with a huge smile on his face
104) The old lady from the 7th floor walks in but no Alma.
105) Sam’s expression changes to disappointment because she is not there
106) He steps halfway out of the elevator to the 7th floor to check if she is there.
107) There is no Alma to be seen.
108) Sam gets back in to the elevator.
109) Looks over his clothes and his preparations in disbelief
110) Looks up at the old lady while Sam holds on to his flowers
111) Old lady looks down at Sam in annoyance
112) Elevator doors close as Sam is confused and frustrated
113) Chime, elevator opens and we are now on the ground floor
114) A huge crowd walks out of the elevator in fast manner
115) The old lady is the last one to walk out slower, leaving behind Sam
116) Sam is smacking the flowers in frustration on his head while we hear a giggle
117) He stops and looks up
118) Alma is standing down at the ground floor doors looking in
119) She smiles and waves “hi’
120) Sam all surprised and shy, looking awkwardly because he has acted like a fool in front of her
121) Steps out and hands the remaining flowers to Alma as we see their silhouettes and the elevator shuts
122) Credits role

(We may see them walk to the school bus together/sit next to each other)


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

1'st Attempt: Beat Script for our Story

Hey guys. While we are working out the Beat script, I thought it would be a good idea for all of us to try and come up with possible gags to add some texture and fun. If you come up with anything bring it in on Thursday. Even quick doodles can do the job...

Monday, June 11, 2007

these are a few notes i took during the Pete meeting!

so where to begin, i guess from the start!haha

the short should start off as a runing gag, repetition of the boy getting ready but not achieving it properly in time for the girl living a few floors down.
after the misadventures, the boy finally gets his act together (by overviewing his master plan that he has pined up on his wall or something, he studies it very attentionly, where he concludes to get up earlier, perhaps at 7 am like that its the same number as the floor where the girl lives, the lucky number, he wakes up earlier, brushes his teeth, colms his hair, he is finally ready, heads out impatiently, sees flowers on the counter, snags them to offer)
he is in the elevator ready , gets to the 7th floor, and an older snobby lady comes in instead, no girl!
the boy is disappointed, he also gets intimidated by the older woman, who is looking down on him.elevator doors close on us. perfect way to cut it
he gets to the ground level(suggestion:he is revealed by pounding flowers against his head while the elevator doors are openning)
when he gets out of the elevator, he sees the girl waiting for him.
she waves timidly to him, he smiles ackwardly back at her (suggestion: he gives the flowers with very few petales left on them)
they walk off to the distance (front door of building, nice shiny light of the day), and the elevator doors close on the audience to have end credits.

this sort of wraps up what i took in notes from the meeting, usually this would complete Nazs script.

Something Different

pitch by jack yu (storyline)

Thesis: strong friendships are hard to come by, especially in many different forms.

A lonely monster never had a friend before, spent all his birthdays alone. On his 20th birthday, he decides to share his birthday cake with a friend. He sets out walking one direction (left) in hopes to find a friend before dawn to share his birthday cake.

Event1: (morning)

On his journey, he met a funny contrasting couple, big girl, small guy. She always beat up on him, but he never says anything and he adores her even more.

Event2: (noon)

Then the monster sees little ant family walking together on vacation. The dad carries the son on his shoulder while the mother holds the daughter’s hands. They’re singing family trip song. The monster finds that very sweat as well.

Event3: (afternoon)

Then a soccer ball hits the monster. He looks up and sees a bunch of monster’s playing soccer. He takes the ball and walks towards the monsters wanting to play soccer with them. But they ignore him, as the monster walks away dejected.

Event4: (evening)

Monster sees a group of people singing happy birthday. He walks toward them joyfully, wanting to share his birthday cake with them. But he can’t seem to get anyone’s attention, and then a stranger accidentally knocks over his birthday cake. Surprised and shocked, the monster could only gather the remaining pieces of cake.

Walking away slowly, the sun sets. In hopes of finding a friend seems impossible now; the monster reaches the end of the road on a cliff. As he sits down, he sings happy birthday to himself while holding that dismantled piece of cake. Just as he was about to sing “happy birthday to me” a girl’s voice cuts him off and sings, “happy birthday to you.” Monster looks up, and sees another monster on a cliff across from him, also holding a birthday cake. The girl monster smiles at him.

Fast forward, 1 year later. The monster is baking cake. “I’m waiting!” the girl monster shouts in a happy tone. He rushes the cake out of the oven and runs toward the window and clips the finished birthday cake on a wire. As the monster was wiring the cake over, he started to sing, “happy birthday to….you.” The girl monster smiles back. The cliff separates the two monsters, but they live next to each other.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

M.M.'s Scene Breakdown POMCORBAS

Arc (Character)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Inspirational things!

some more research...umm in terms of design/look...not necessary in terms of story.

The Ballad of Sheep13
pretty nicely done.


black and blue eyes

miniscule series

5 films of calarts
maybe it doesn't have good potential animation/design, but storywise...somehow it touches
ppl in their own way...i hope our film will touch ppl...:)
literally or not :P

Friday, June 1, 2007

The Race (pitch) by SangHo Lee

To Be Determined (pitch) by Jack Yu

wow, we all did a great job on our story we all have something
solid to build upon...really see this film happening..

update: the setup, conflict, climax, resolution have been changed to explain more on the story.

feedbacks are welcome.


something to watch