Monday, June 11, 2007

pitch by jack yu (storyline)

Thesis: strong friendships are hard to come by, especially in many different forms.

A lonely monster never had a friend before, spent all his birthdays alone. On his 20th birthday, he decides to share his birthday cake with a friend. He sets out walking one direction (left) in hopes to find a friend before dawn to share his birthday cake.

Event1: (morning)

On his journey, he met a funny contrasting couple, big girl, small guy. She always beat up on him, but he never says anything and he adores her even more.

Event2: (noon)

Then the monster sees little ant family walking together on vacation. The dad carries the son on his shoulder while the mother holds the daughter’s hands. They’re singing family trip song. The monster finds that very sweat as well.

Event3: (afternoon)

Then a soccer ball hits the monster. He looks up and sees a bunch of monster’s playing soccer. He takes the ball and walks towards the monsters wanting to play soccer with them. But they ignore him, as the monster walks away dejected.

Event4: (evening)

Monster sees a group of people singing happy birthday. He walks toward them joyfully, wanting to share his birthday cake with them. But he can’t seem to get anyone’s attention, and then a stranger accidentally knocks over his birthday cake. Surprised and shocked, the monster could only gather the remaining pieces of cake.

Walking away slowly, the sun sets. In hopes of finding a friend seems impossible now; the monster reaches the end of the road on a cliff. As he sits down, he sings happy birthday to himself while holding that dismantled piece of cake. Just as he was about to sing “happy birthday to me” a girl’s voice cuts him off and sings, “happy birthday to you.” Monster looks up, and sees another monster on a cliff across from him, also holding a birthday cake. The girl monster smiles at him.

Fast forward, 1 year later. The monster is baking cake. “I’m waiting!” the girl monster shouts in a happy tone. He rushes the cake out of the oven and runs toward the window and clips the finished birthday cake on a wire. As the monster was wiring the cake over, he started to sing, “happy birthday to….you.” The girl monster smiles back. The cliff separates the two monsters, but they live next to each other.

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