Monday, June 11, 2007

these are a few notes i took during the Pete meeting!

so where to begin, i guess from the start!haha

the short should start off as a runing gag, repetition of the boy getting ready but not achieving it properly in time for the girl living a few floors down.
after the misadventures, the boy finally gets his act together (by overviewing his master plan that he has pined up on his wall or something, he studies it very attentionly, where he concludes to get up earlier, perhaps at 7 am like that its the same number as the floor where the girl lives, the lucky number, he wakes up earlier, brushes his teeth, colms his hair, he is finally ready, heads out impatiently, sees flowers on the counter, snags them to offer)
he is in the elevator ready , gets to the 7th floor, and an older snobby lady comes in instead, no girl!
the boy is disappointed, he also gets intimidated by the older woman, who is looking down on him.elevator doors close on us. perfect way to cut it
he gets to the ground level(suggestion:he is revealed by pounding flowers against his head while the elevator doors are openning)
when he gets out of the elevator, he sees the girl waiting for him.
she waves timidly to him, he smiles ackwardly back at her (suggestion: he gives the flowers with very few petales left on them)
they walk off to the distance (front door of building, nice shiny light of the day), and the elevator doors close on the audience to have end credits.

this sort of wraps up what i took in notes from the meeting, usually this would complete Nazs script.

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Mark Mayerson said...

Okay, folks, now I'm confused. Are you going ahead with Jack's idea or with Naz's? Should I comment on one or both? I don't mind doing whatever you need, but I don't want to waste time on something you're definitely not doing. Please advise. Thanks.