Friday, June 1, 2007

The Race (pitch) by SangHo Lee

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Mark Mayerson said...

Hi SangHo. The main emotion here is fear, so the direction is going to be more important than the animation. You've got to convincingly show that the smaller boy is afraid and then you've got to direct the chase sequence for maximum suspense. It's going to be a challenge when the kids are on tricycles. It might end up being unintentionally funny because the audience is used to chase scenes with cars and space ships. No matter how quickly these kids pedal, they're not going to go very fast.

At the start of the film, you need to have the small boy quickly looking left and right and looking over his shoulder as he pedals. Then when he spots the big boy, there's got to be a moment of anticipation before the little kid starts pedaling for his life.

You might have to avoid showing the big kid's face so you don't tip your ending. You can't show the big kid angry, as the ending won't make sense and you can't show him neutral or happy or you ruin the ending.