Monday, July 9, 2007

production design sheets

any comments/suggestions
more to come before Thursday.


[B]ehram said...

for the elevator i like the left side pattern. it shows it is a decent housing area while the right shows it is a poorly maintained building. you can use that heart tiling on the ceiling for the lobby.

The hallway design. You are right the one in the bottom right end works best. however i don't like the heart design; the c one used in most of them is better. the colour of the door should be like the 1st one.

i like the colours used in your kitchen and i told you about the layout design already.

i like the 6th cabinet design but loose the top part of it. the 1st design of the drawer at the bottom matches the 6th cabinet design. they are plain design that are most commonly used.

that's my opinion

Mark Mayerson said...

This comment has nothing to do with this entry. Take a look at the film below. It's a fantastic visual idea, but the timing on a lot of it is way too slow and there is too much repitition. It also doesn't really have a payoff. While there are things here that I admire, watching this film frustrates me a lot. This is why timing and thinking about your audience are so important.