Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Colour Scheme

Again let me know what to mix and match. I personally find that the wall design is too similar to the lobby in Jack's design. That's why I didn't colour the bottom and the top part of the wall 2 separate colours.


Naz said...

Hey B

Awesome. I am really liking the color combination on the 3rd. Not sure if the wall stripes are working. It might just be because they are done by hand.

Jinny said...

Hey B,
I also agree with Naz, my favourite is the 3rd one.. I also kinda liked the 1st, however it may have needed more contrast to brighten up the room more.

chris chua said...

beautiful! kinda reminds me a bit of 101 dalmatians!

[B]ehram said...

haha thanks man! That's what I was going for.