Monday, July 30, 2007

The roughs of the other 3/4 view of the lobby. I modified the floorplan a bit from the previous and included another couch and more plants. I figured it might look more aesthetically pleasing, as the original design was more bare on the floor space. But let me know what you guys think. I'll update the first 3/4 view if you guys like the 2nd design variation better.

As well this is the front view of the elevator.

Let me know what you guys think. I'll finalize the designs based on your input tomorrow.


Naz said...

Hey Jinny.

I personally like the look of the roughs. The final cleaned up version is missing a little structure and the grid seems warped.

I like the idea of the vases on the side corners. The texture of the shot of the elevator looks promising as well.

Jinny said...

Thanks Naz,

Ya, I found when trying to freehand, the final from Ken's rough I was losing structure alot. So I'll work with ruler to keep more structure in. I'll post up the finals for these tonight. Thanks for the feedback =)

[B]ehram said...

remember to keep the objects feeling 3-D; it's the colour that makes it look flat.

[B]ehram said...

watch out for tangents with the couch and blocks beside it.

Ken Tam said...

thats cool, i like it,however , i think it look kind of semmatrical? ( dunno how to spell it)maybe off set objects\? i dunno, but i do like this more =), u feel ok with da style?

Ken Tam said...

oo, forgot one thing, i think the elevator door should just look more plain. just a suggestion, wht do u think jinny?

Jinny said...

Hey Ken,
I just finished lining in the 2nd 3/4 view. I made the door going outside simpler. But I didn't offset the couches too much. I eliminated one of the side couches so that might help the symmetry of the layout.

I'll post up the new one in an hour. And I'll continue posting up the other layouts as I finish them throughout tonight.

And ya, I agree with the complexity of the elevator door. I'll simplify that on my next pass tonight.

Thanks for the feedback so far guys. Keep em coming =) I appreciate it ^^