Thursday, July 19, 2007

Changes on the REEL

Some notes from the meeting today with the mentors:

1) Behram Section 1:

a) Shirt half way on his face. Collar at his eye level. If button flies off, eyes stay shut. Button flies off, no facial reaction from Sam yet. Redraw button sequence.

b) Cut back to Sam: Embarrassed “oops” look, sorry look once receiving the button.

c) Everyone walking out of the elevator, she is still (waiting). She looks to the left, hoping. Then she leaves. Sam falls.

2) Mark Section 1:

a) Dip to black between night and day when showing the clock and time change.

b) Mirror shot, get rid of. Too much work. Have the camera looking from his front or inside the mirror.

3) Mark Section 2:

a) Girl saying hi after Sam notices her. Change placement to the centre.

b) Sam must have a (finally I did it) close up shot of happiness/joy to emphasize his achievement after she received the flowers.

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