Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Notes from Monday Meeting

Notes from Mark and Peter

“Don’t bore the audience” – Do not linger and bore the audience, they get it quick
Faster shots all around

• Pants fall down, he looks down

• The good trip down, when he is on time- no panic

• No pan when she doesn’t show up

• Shirt with button sequence, cut the middle flying button- Introduce the girl
only when the buttons hit her head – that’s when we see her

• Elevator open faster when we meet the girl (all film as well) We want to meet
the girl, lets meet the girl

• Don’t cut back to him after then her again, just cut to her face (no pan up)

• Looking down, hands reach the pants, and then he looks ahead at her.

• Fade in/Fade out to the next day (after the elevator closes) While the doors
are closing

• Next day, opening shot, his eyes opening and closing horizontally, slowly
looking at the clock

• Milk glass needs more read time

• Shorten the sequence here

• Set the alarm-speed this up-get the clock and change it. Kid holding clock and then clock arrows shift

• Show him get up at 7:00 clock

• Fade when he walks by

• After fluffing, get rid of panic till Alma’s floor- Right to the end,

• Hits seventh, no cut to his face, woman in, then register his emotions.

• Looks out the door, look out cut. Too long of him looking sad, medium/long shot only pick one reaction shot

• Cut the truck to him

• Hands the flowers, close shots of faces gone. Either close up of faces, or flowers being received

• Shy smile, nervous reaction from girl too, first time she is obvious about her emotions

• Boy, must react to her presence, then present the flowers. Cant believe it, then smiles

• Emotional reaction time in him needs to be more of a focus

LeMark's Notes:

Beginning: Turns off alarm (7:30), falls back to sleep. Then wakes up later (7:55) and its panic mode

2nd attempt: Eyes opening: Clock on the table its already (7:55)- Directly panic mode


Ask about beats/minute. Change to frames using the metronome. Slowing the tempo in the good morning. She is not there, panic time
8 Beats-12 beats (slower)-24 beats (even more slow)

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