Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chronic Ride (Pitch) by Naz Ghodrati-Azadi

Hey everyone.

Great meeting today! Can't wait to start working on our film.
Here is my pitch with the text....


Mark Mayerson said...

This works well, Naz. You've got to make sure that the audience understands that Sam just isn't just chronically late and embarrassed about it, but that he's interested in Alma. And you've got to make sure that the audience understands at the end that she's not just interested in seeing what state of dress/undress Sam is going to be today, but interested in Sam. That could get a little tricky while you're working out the emotional beats.

There's good potential for comedy and acting here.

You might want to think about losing other people on the elevator and just concentrating on your leads. If you have other people, give them an attitude towards what's happening. If someone was riding an elevator while a fellow passenger was getting dressed, they'd have a definite reaction.

Naz said...

Hey Mark.

I hope you get to look over the posts again and reply to us once more. Thank you for your suggestions, we definitely need someone with experience to help us on our first project.

I agree completely that it is going to be a challenge to figure out how to show Sam is interested in Alma and embarrassed for being late, and for Alma to get across her personal feelings at the end.

The group suggested that there has to be a scene when he first reaches her floor, and maybe he is staring at the numbers (of the floor levels) and it sort of slow motions to when she comes in. I'm not too sure what I could do on the girls side at the end, I still have to think about it.

Our goal was to come up with concepts individually and by May 31st have picked our film to work on together. We are still not sure which one to go with. What is the best way to choose? Which do you think would work strongly as an Animation? I think these are questions we all have.

Thank you again for everything...